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16 September 2018: A busy dayA large group of people in a church hall with tables with white cloths on them

Our church has had a busy weekend.

Our new curate was ordained deacon at the cathedral yesterday. Thirty-one new deacons were ordained over three services. Our curate’s ordination took place in the afternoon service. My wife was there but I was unable to attend because of Rotary commitments.

Our assistant minister celebrated communion and preached at the 8 o’clock service this morning. At 10:30 the Rector celebrated communion and the curate preached for the first time. My wife and I missed his sermon as we were stewarding the Sunday Special service.

In our series on Old Testament Heroes we reached the story of David and Goliath. After the story was read and explained by one of our lay ministers, the person leading Sunday Special produced a series of cardboard boxes. He asked the children to name things that frightened them and wrote each one on a separate box. He then built the boxes up into a “giant” and got the children to throw balls at the “giant” to knock it down. I thought this was an interesting way of helping to bring the story alive for the very young.

Sunday Special ended early so that we could all join the traditional congregation for the communion and to hear our new curate make the declarations that the church rules require him to make before the congregation on the first Sunday following his licensing on which he officiates in any capacity.

After that service we held a “bring and share” lunch to celebrate his ordination and first official appearance in his new role. It was very well attended. (See the picture, which only shows part of our church hall.) There was plenty of food and no one went hungry.

My wife led and preached at evening prayer at 4:30. I read the first lesson and led the prayers.

We stayed on afterwards to attend a concert by the local wind ensemble Cross Harmonies. Some of the members are church members or relatives of church members. They got the audience to participate by getting us to sing along with their first item (Calypso Round), handing out two bells which were passed around the audience so they could be “bonged” at the appropriate places in Liberty Bell, and giving certain members of the audience percussion instruments and triangles during Syncopated Clock to produce the tick and the sounds of the alarm.

That was followed by tea and cakes in the hall. Breakfast has been the only meal my wife and I have eaten at home today!