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23 September 2018: WisdomAn oriental king sitting on a throne

Today we were thinking about the Old Testament hero King Solomon or, more specifically, his wisdom. The congregation for the traditional service heard about Solomon rendering judgment between two prostitutes in their dispute as to whose baby had lived and whose died. We thought the idea of cutting a baby in two might be too upsetting for the younger ones so in the Sunday Special service, which I led, so we concentrated on Solomon asking God for wisdom and the later visit by the Queen of Sheba.

Everyone in the Sunday Special congregation was handed one of two sheets, one designed for young children and the other for everyone else. The younger children were asked to colour in a central outline of a person to represent themselves and write around it three things they would wish for if given the chance. The older children and the adults were asked to list ten things they would wish for and then put them in order of priority. One of the mums put “wisdom” at the top of her list, so was obviously paying attention. I put “closeness to God” at the head of mine.

At the 8 o’clock and 4:30 services the New Testament reading was the account of Jesus being asked whether it was lawful for Jews to pay the Roman tax and pointing out that the coins the tax was paid in bore the Emperor’s imprint, showing that the coins were really his. The preacher made a point which hadn’t occurred to me. The Roman coins bore the head and inscription of the Emperor as a sign that the wealth came from him and that the coin belonged to him. The preacher said that, since all human beings are made in the image of God, we have God’s imprint on us and must remember that all we possess comes from God and belongs to Him and that we also are His.