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24 March 2019: A busy SundayTwo musicians standing in front of a projection screen

Today we came to the third of the Five Marks of Mission: “Transforming the unjust structures of society”. The Licensed Lay Minister who preached at both the 8 o’clock and the 4:30 services emphasised the need for positive action on our part. The sermon at the traditional 10:30 service was different; we had a retired bishop preaching and I gather he concentrated on the need to turn our lives around.

I didn’t hear him because my wife and I attended Sunday Special, where one of the leaders was experimenting with projecting the service and the hymns on a screen. He had some PowerPoint slides but they were only black and white and there was confusion about the order, so it wasn’t that impressive. I was sitting to the far left of the congregation and my wife was sitting to the far right; she said that she couldn’t see the screen properly because the worship leader’s head was in the way. We’ll have to try again and see if we can make it slicker.

We both stayed in church for a baptism service in the early afternoon, which was led by the bishop as one of his grandnieces was being christened. He led it very well and even managed to keep the congregation quiet.