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31 March 2019: Mothering SundayA computer image of a daffodil

There were very few people at our 8 o’clock communion service this morning, probably due to the clocks going forward an hour. There won’t be many next week either as it is the church rambling group’s annual Weekend Away.

Today’s preaching theme was another of the Marks of Mission, “Teach, nurture and baptise new believers”, which was chosen to fit in with Mothering Sunday. Our Rector preached on the love shown by parents, its importance in nurturing future generations and the way it reflects the love of God for us all.

There were far more people at our Mothering Day Service at 10:30, which my wife led. She started by emphasising that the Church celebrates today as Mothering Sunday and not the secular Mothers’ Day. The Rector gave the first talk, which was actually the sermon she had preached at 8 o’clock. In place of the second talk my wife arranged for some of the children from Sunday Special to act out the story of the Road to Emmaus.

After that we all sang hymns while members of the congregation went up to the sanctuary to collect a daffodil each to take back to their mother or grandmother. In some cases, of course, the fathers went up to collect a daffodil on behalf of a child who was too young to do so.

Then we had another hymn before reciting a Creed, after which the Rector handed baptism certificates to the families of two children who were baptised last week.

At Evening Prayer later the Rector preached the same sermon again. I thought it was brave of her to preach the same one three times on one day but my wife and I were the only ones who were there on all three occasions.