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8 April 2019: Messy ChurchA mobile made from pieces of card and displaying the word Easter, laid on a blue cloth

This afternoon we held one of our Messy Church sessions. Those of us helping arrived by 1:30 pm to set up. There were 29 children, plus their parents or carers, attending; some were already queuing outside before we officially opened the doors at 2 o’clock.

There were various activities with an Easter theme for the children laid out on tables in the church hall:

At each table there was a note for the leader explaining the significance of the activity.

There was a “Scavenger Hunt” in the churchyard. The children were asked to find thirteen cards bearing the Stations of the Cross hung at various places around the churchyard (on shrubs, on lower branches of trees, on gravestones and on the patio fence as it happens).

The children entered into all the activities enthusiastically, particularly the Scavenger Hunt. When they had been round all the activities they were interested in, one of the Sunday Special leaders led the children in a game on the patio before my wife “walked them through” the Easter narrative. Then an ad hoc band of two adults and two children (brother and sister) led a few hymns before we all had hot cross buns before a final act of prayer and departure.

We had set aside an hour for the subsequent clearing up but it didn’t take nearly as long as that.