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15 November 2020: TalentsFour piles of gold and silver coins with increasing numbers of coins in each

We held today’s online Sunday Special service at 3 pm instead of 10:30 am. This was arranged because of other things happening this morning, including our Curate preaching at another church. Because of the second lockdown none of those other things happened but we decided it would be too confusing to change the time already advertised.

The Curate led the service, with his twelve-year old son controlling the technology. He preached from the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. Instead of someone reading the account he showed an animation he had spotted on the World Wide Web.

Then he gave everyone 30 seconds to grab one or more coins. The coins people got were all British except for one of the adults who produced a 2 Euro coin. Then he explained that, whilst the “talents” mentioned in the story were weights of metal, they had given rise to our word “talent”, meaning an innate skill. He gave everyone another 30 seconds to grab something that represented one of their talents.

Most of the children produced pictures they had done. One of the adults, a very good amateur painter, produced a portrait she had done of her husband. Another showed a photograph of some DIY she had recently done. I showed a fountain pen, representing all the writing I had done when I worked for a living.

The Curate went on to say that, just as the good servants in the story had used their (monetary) talents to increase their talents, so we have to use our own God-given talents to make those grow.