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26 September 2021: Being saltA church tower

This morning decided to attend the Sunday Special service on the grass at the western end of the church. The photograph was taken from my chair, looking up at the tower while I was waiting for the service to start. It was led by one of our Authorised Local Preachers.

The reading was Mark 9:38-50, where Jesus tells His disciples to be the salt of the Earth. The passage was read by one of our other ALPs from a modern translation specially for children. It was followed by a short sketch performed by this two sons, acting as disciples perplexed by what Jesus had said.

The ALP leading the service explained how important salt was in New Testament times, particularly as a means of preserving food and improving the taste. It was so important that workers were sometimes given salt as a reward for their services and we get our word “salary” from the Latin word for salt.

As an illustration of the difference salt can make the service leader called for three volunteers and produced three packets of crisps. He got them to turn their backs while he put some salt into one of them. He then moved the three packets around so quickly he himself lost track of which one had the salt. He gave a packet to each child to see if they could identify whether the one they had been given was the one with salt. The salt turned out to be in the packet given to the youngest child. I’m not sure whether she appreciated it or not! The children were allowed to keep the packets of crisps when the returned to their seats.

The other theme of of the service was light, which came out in the hymns and the prayers.