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2 January 2022: EpiphanyRepresentation of the Three Kings

Although Epiphany is not until 6 January it was decided to celebrate Epiphany this Sunday. We had a service of Morning Prayer. Our Rector still being on holiday, my wife led the service and I preached.

I pointed out that some of the things we think we know about the Christmas story are not actually in the Bible. This is particularly true when it comes to the visit of the Magi:

Nevertheless what they did was remarkable. They undertook a long journey guided only by their own understanding of what they saw in the skies and were eventually led to Jesus.

Unfortunately they went first to Jerusalem, expecting a King of Israel to be born in the king’s palace there. That led to Joseph and Mary fleeing to Egypt to keep Him safe from Herod’s troops. Yet Matthew sees that as fulfilling a prophecy in Hosea: “Out of Egypt I have called my son.” God can use even our mistakes.

Where the Magi went wrong was in being guided only by their own reasoning. They cannot be blamed for that as they did not know the Hebrew Scriptures or prophecies. We are guided to Jesus by the Old and New Testaments and the Holy Spirit working within us, and by those fellow Christians who are companions on our journey.