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6 December 2017: University reception and concertA theatre ticket

My wife and I both hold MAs from our local university. This evening we went to the university for a reception it had arranged for its donors, which was followed by a concert by an orchestra linked with the university and the university’s own orchestra and chorus.

At the reception the Vice Chancellor showed us a short video highlighting the problems some of the students had to overcome in order to be able to read for a degree. Three of the current students who had received grants from funds supported by donors then spoke for 2-3 minutes each about how the grants had helped them.

The donors were given free tickets to the concert, which was held in the atrium. In the first half the two orchestras joined to play two classical pieces lasting about 40 minutes. In the second half the university’s associated orchestra played an early piece by Mozart. This was followed by a lively piece of church music, for which the associated orchestra accompanied the university chorus. The evening, which we both found very enjoyable, ended just after 9:30 pm.