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28 September 2018: Unexpected pleasuresA computer image of an accordion

On my way home from Morning Prayer yesterday I picked up a £10 note lying on the pavement. I ran to catch up someone walking ahead of me but it wasn’t his. I took it home and told my wife I would put it in the church collection. She suggested I donated to today’s Macmillan Coffee Morning instead.

If it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Coffee Morning at our church this morning. I was glad I did. The person on the door taking donations was the daughter of one of our church members and an old school friend of our daughter’s. I’ve known her since she was five but hadn’t seen her for some time.

My wife and I had coffee and cakes by way of a snack in lieu of lunch. I bought some raffle tickets and took part in a “Guess the weight of the cake” and a “Can you get the cherry on the right place on the cake while blindfolded?” competition. Both competitions used pictures of cakes rather than actual cakes. The prizes were not cakes but bottles of wine.

I didn’t win anything in the raffle. I got pretty close to the right spot when I tried to get the cherry on to the top of the cake but someone else was nearer. I did win the bottle of wine for guessing the weight of the cake. That was surprising as I had put down a heavier weight than anyone else. It turned out that the cake was heavier still.

From the Coffee Morning we went down to the cathedral for a lunchtime concert by a musical trio. Unfortunately the trio had pulled out because one of their number had fallen ill the previous day. Their place was taken at very short notice by a local accordionist, who came here from Lithuania after gaining his musical degree two years ago.

His programme, prepared very quickly, took in classical, jazz and folk idioms. I realised for the first time just how versatile an instrument the accordion is; normally I only hear it played when I go to see our local Morris Men. He was an excellent musician and I was amazed how many parts he seemed to play on the accordion at the same time. His encore was “The Flight of the Bumblebee”.