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17 July 2019: Meeting upA ruined tower with a notice board in front of it

My wife and I spent a lot of this morning in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. It still wasn’t long enough; we only managed to look round the world cultures galleries and the Egyptian Tomb. The latter is not actually a tomb but a display of exhibits taken from a tomb, including the mummy. I wished I could read Egyptian hieroglyphics so I could see whether the script around the walls was genuine or not.

We couldn’t spend any more time there because we were meeting one of my wife’s cousins and his wife. My wife and her cousin had never met before but fortunately we were able to recognise each at the agreed meeting place. (Admittedly we were the only two couples of a certain age there.)

They treated us to a late lunch at the Mill on the Exe, which we had spotted in our walk around Exeter yesterday. We had a relaxed time together. Although my wife and her cousin had never met before, as children they had met the same relatives, so they were able to swap stories and reminiscences. My wife has told me in the past about some of the people they mentioned.

They took us back our hotel, where we parted.

This evening it was our turn to meet some of my cousins. Well, actually we met the ex-wife of one of my cousins, their daughter and her husband and their two sons. I guess my cousin’s daughter would be my cousin once removed and her sons would be my cousins twice removed, but I get very hazy beyond first cousins.

They treated us to dinner at The Beer Engine in Newton St Cyres. My wife and I wondered who St Cyres was but we still haven’t been able to find out.

The pub’s food proved to be excellent. One of the boys was unable to finish his (he had ordered an adult portion) but his dad was able to help him out. My wife and I have always had been very fond of my cousin’s ex-wife and his daughter and we had a great time catching up on news.