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19 July 2019: TewkesburyThe nave of a large Gothic church

My wife and I are staying in Bristol for a few days but today we went to Tewkesbury to meet someone I shared a house with back in the early 1970s. We haven’t met for 47 years but were still able to recognise each other. My wife commented that the last thing my friend did when we parted in 1972 was to give her a kiss and the first thing he did on meeting us again 47 years later was to give her a kiss! He was just as I remember him, albeit nearly fifty years older.

He treated us to lunch at the Salerno restaurant in Tewkesbury, which I can highly recommend if you like Italian food. We are doing very well at being treated to meals during this holiday! We were able to have a long chat and catch up with each other’s news.

After lunch he showed us round Tewkesbury Abbey, where he used to be Treasurer and where he is still a volunteer and choir member. The abbey has two organs. Only one is in use but there is a lot of resistance to getting rid of the other!

The abbey also has a very interesting modern sculpture of “Our Lady, Queen of Peace”. I was particularly struck by the chantry chapel of Lord Edward Despenser, which has his kneeling effigy, shown in full medieval armour, above it.

After touring the abbey we went to my friend’s very attractive Victorian house for a pot of tea before catching our train back to Bristol. His house is unusual because the garden is at the back and running at right angles to it, behind a row of Victorian cottages.