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22 July 2019: AmesburyA grey church with a central tower

Today my wife and I decamped from Bristol, where we have been for the last few days, to Amesbury to visit one of my cousins and his wife. They are currently in temporary accommodation while changes are made to their own home, so they can’t put us up. We are staying at Fairlawn House instead. This is comfortable and conveniently located.

At my cousin’s temporary home I was not only able to renew my acquaintance with them but also with their dog. The last time I saw her she was full of energy but at the age of thirteen she has now slowed down considerably.

We had lunch with them and chatted until some other visitors arrived, whereupon we made our apologies and left to book in at Fairlawn House. Once we had done that we explored the old part of the village. That doesn’t take long as it is basically just two streets.

We decided to have something to eat at the New Inn. This is a nice traditional pub but we didn’t get to eat there as they stop serving food at 2 pm. We were drinking our beers and thinking about picking some food up at the local Co-Op when I received a text message from my cousin inviting us back for the evening.

We walked back to their temporary home, which only took us twenty minutes. They very kindly gave us evening meals and we were able to continue our conversations. By that time the dog had come to the conclusion that we were completely uninteresting.

We left their place just before 9 pm so we could walk back to Fairlawn House while it was still light.