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15 August 2018: Crone WoodBlackened shrubs beyond a wire fence

Start point grid reference: SG 181 714

Five of us (three people and two dogs) started this walk in the Crone Car Park on the Wicklow Way. Most of it is along a forestry road. We walked uphill a short way and then took the left fork.

The road climbs gently. It is a woodland walk with great views across the countryside as one gets higher and the trees thin a bit. This part of Wicklow has suffered from fires recently. The trees were unhurt but we did come across areas where the gorse and other shrubs had been completely destroyed. (See the picture.) Hopefully they will come back.

Further up the road becomes a gravel path with a few short stretches of bare rock. We continued walking until we reached a fence across the path, which is passable by humans but not by dogs (unless they are carried, which we weren’t inclined to do). Had we gone on we would soon have reached the Watergates above the Powerscourt Waterfall. We did have good views of the waterfall towards the end of our climb but there was much less water than usual going over it because of the prolonged spell of dry weather.

The two dogs had a great time exploring as their owner, my wife and I walked the path. On the way down they ran off and didn’t reappear. Their owner thought they had gone back to the car but we didn’t find them there. The owner walked back along the path we had taken and found them waiting at the point where they had run off.