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16 August 2018: Powerscourt EstateA small river surrounded by trees and shrubs

Start point grid reference: SG 212 732

This is a leisurely stroll along a wide tarmac path rather than a ramble. It is also in the Powerscourt Estate, which is only accessible to Powerscourt members. A friend who is a member took us in.

The walk is entirely through trees. There is a gate from the R760 with a very attractive gatehouse. Walking along the path, one soon reaches the River Dargle. I don’t know how many Powerscourt members there are but the walk is obviously very popular with families and dog walkers. There are a number of convenient places in the river for dogs to swim to cool off.

The first part of the walk has native trees with a grassy (fenced off) slope up to the main house. Once past the small car park the trees become redwoods. Judging by their height and girth they must have been planted a long time ago. We left the main path and walked by the river itself. We availed ourselves of a bench overlooking the river and sat for a while before going to the end of the walk at the Ballingee Bridge.