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15 March 2019: Edney Common to Redindyke FarmDeer

Start point grid reference: TL 650 043GPX file

Unfortunately The Green Man at Edney Common has now closed, so we started today’s walk in Writtle Park Drive instead and ate at The Wheatsheaf in Writtle. Writtle Park Drive is little more than a farm road.

The five of us on this ramble were lucky to survive it. Shortly after we passed the bend before Writtle Park Farm a white van came whizzing up behind us at a very fast speed with the driver sounding the horn just in time for us to leap out of the way. A few seconds later we discovered why when we heard a police siren. A police car, also travelling at high speed, swept by us as well. I don’t know why the van was being chased or whether the police did eventually catch the driver. Had we been a much larger group, or had we still been nearer the bend when the van came round it, there would definitely have been casualties.

That’s the reason the GPX file shows us going past Writtle Park Farm and then backtracking. The leader was thinking about the police chase and missed the path. Luckily we hadn’t gone far beyond it.

The rest of the walk was fairly uneventful; we only met a couple of dog walkers. It is a pleasant route but after a week of rain it was very muddy. On our way through Writtlepark Wood we had to leave the path a number of times in order to keep our footing.

It was a relief to get through the wood on to metalled roads. There is a very attractive stream running by the side of the road opposite Keeper’s Cottage. We stopped for coffee at the T junction before Redindyke Farm. There is a timber yard here and two sawn-off tree trunks have been put out to make convenient seats. We utilised those.

The way through Ellis wood was easier. At the end of this we turned right to climb the track along Chalk Hill. In the field on the left of track we spotted the largest herd of deer we had ever seen; there must have been over a hundred. I was sorry I had left my digital camera at home so had to do the best I could with my smartphone. (See the photograph above.)