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2 August 2018: Ringing the changesA long two-storey building with a curved white roof

For a change we had our business meeting today at a different venue, the local Best Western hotel. It was very convenient for me as it is within easy walking distance. The food was very good indeed but the bar didn’t have any decent ciders.

Instead of our normal round tables we were seated at one long table. We hadn’t brought our public address system, so nearly everyone who addressed the meeting stood at one side of the table or the other, at roughly the middle, to speak.

The Chair of our Foundation & International Committee asked members to nominate possible new overseas projects for the Club to support. The Membership Committee’s Chair mentioned a potential new initiative to form links with local businesses. The Chair of the Community & Vocational Committee announced that there would be no further jumble sales this year but that jumble sales would be held as usual in April and November next year. The Chair of Youth Services said she had already been in contact with the President of the local Interact Club we sponsor and was hoping that we would be able to sponsor a Rotakids Club at one of the local primary schools. There were no questions from the floor.