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15 September 2018: District Council and ConferenceA red helicopter with people in similarly coloured flying kit running towards it

Our District Council and Conference (Part 1) were held this morning at a university campus on the outskirts of a village near to where I live. The District Governor volunteered our Club to act as stewards. There were six of us - three men and three women. Our lady President arranged it so the three lady members were inside on reception in the warm and dry and the gentleman members were on car park duty outside in the cold. Funny division of labour that!

Well, the gentlemen members could have been outside in the cold but it turned out to be a warm and pleasant morning. We had one member on each of the two vehicular entrances from the road and I was directing people away from the front of the building to the car park at the back. A surprising number reckoned they had good reasons for parking in the front, including those claiming to be making deliveries and blue badge holders.

There was one advantage in being on duty outside. Those of us outside the building got a very good view of the local air ambulance as it swooped low over the university campus and circled round. This was in support of two members of the air ambulance trust who gave a presentation later. I would like to claim that I took the photograph at the time but I didn’t; the air ambulance didn’t actually land. The photograph is taken from one of the slides shown by the Trust’s speakers.

There was one drawback. I was so intent on gazing at the air ambulance that I failed to notice the university minibus coming up behind him! Fortunately the minibus driver was less easily distracted.

Our three lady members had an enjoyable time on reception alongside the President of one of the other Rotary Clubs in our city, welcoming Rotarians as they arrived and keeping the register of those attending.

At the conference itself our President was given two engraved glass tankards, the prizes for the members of our badminton team for coming first in the District badmintion competition.