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18 October 2018: Scatter weekA seaside pier

This is one of our “scatter weeks”, when we don’t have our own meeting but instead all our members are encouraged to visit other Clubs. I decided to visit a Club in one of our seaside towns.

I went by train. On arrival in the town I made my way to the seafront and the pier (see the photograph). Then I walked along the front for about twenty minutes before heading inland to the golf club where they meet.

They made me feel very welcome and at home. I had to order my meal in advance. Unlike our own Club, where we eat what is given to us without knowing in advance what it is going to be, each week they have a choice of three main dishes and three desserts. I opted for fish and chips and cheese and biscuits, which were excellent.

We sat at three long tables laid out in a U shape. I found myself on the inside of the U looking out over one of the golfing greens. I got the impression that the Club was about the same size as ours; this week fifteen members had apologised for absence.

After lunch I gave them greetings from our President, a raffle was drawn and a cheque for over £700 presented to two ladies from Benin Christian Support. We chatted where we were for about five minutes before dispersing after the final toast.