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4 July 2019: Club HandoverA Rotary bell

This was the day last (Rotary) year’s Club President and Council formally handed over to this year’s. Our outgoing President started off in the chair. One of our Past Presidents, who is now an honorary member, paid us one of his rare visits. There was some amusement when he won the weekly raffle. He must be one of the few people who has paid less in the cost of raffle tickets over the course of a year than the value of his prize!

After the raffle and the usual notices, the outgoing President said how lucky the Club was compared to some as, in all our 92 years’ history, only three Presidents had been “recycled”; the rest had all served for just one term. She handed over to her successor and put the President’s chain of office around his neck. In return he handed her her Past President’s badge and jewel. He paid tribute to her time as President and said the Club would continue to meet at other venues occasionally.

Our new President then put the 1st Vice President’s collar, which he has been wearing up until now, around the neck of last year’s 2nd Vice President, who now moves up. She tried to put the 2nd Vice President’s collar around her successor’s neck but had difficulty doing it up, so another stepped in to help, to some wry comments from the assembled company.

After that our now current President gave the notices about next week’s meeting before closing the proceedings with the Rotary toast.